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Hire, Service & Supply of Diesel Generators, Tower Lights, Load Banks & Other construction equipments. Our equipments are assured for quality, reliability, efficiency and are built to international specifications on safety & pollution. We also take up Fuel Management, Generator Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), Generator Repair & Services as well as sell Parts and Filters.


Genesis provides efficient, reliable, and cost-effective rental power.


Power Generation Rental Solutions:

  • Diesel generator rentals, ranging from Green Power units to containerized power units

  • Hire of Low-maintenance, quiet generators for low-noise applications such as movie sets

  • Quiet generator rentals for onboard or dockside needs within the shipping industry

  • Portable generator Hire - ideal for use in the construction and contracting Industries

  • Hire of Gas-powered containerized generators

Our technical specialists will quickly deploy equipment and monitor performance to ensure a continuous, reliable service.





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